Why I'm losing more points than gaining.

The points received for the game are calculated based on the average rating of the players in the room.
If your rating is higher than the average room rating, then you will receive fewer points and lose more. And vice versa, if your rating is lower than the average room rating, then you will receive more points and lose less.


Why not to make that points are always given fixed, regardless of the rating.

In this case, the winner of the season will be the player who plays the most games, rather than the one who plays the best. Such a player will try to play with weak players and avoid strong players in order to score as many rating points as possible due to the large number of games played.

The winner of the season should be determined by skill, not by the number of games played. Therefore, the scoring system for the game is designed in such a way that playing with weaker players is unprofitable.

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