Unlucky or unhappy with item drops or drop rate (Arbiter, Judge, runes & etc)


I'm unable to get the rune! Did you curse my account ?! Why did other players get runes quickly while I've been trying to get one for a long time with no luck?! Fix my drop immediately!!!


Item drop rates, types, and qualities are completely random. 


Players tend to overestimate their failures and underestimate gains. The drop of all items in the game, including runess, is completely random. Someone gets Arbiter before others, someone is lucky enough to get a very rare rune, someone finds more hidden bosses than other players - it happens.

Complaining that someone else got a particular item faster than you is like complaining about a neighbor who bought a lottery ticket for the first time in his life and immediately won a prize. Someone is lucky right away, someone is not.


The support team is unable to alter item drops or provide compensation for bad luck - random makes no exceptions.

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